Blind Vision – Light in the Tunnel

Tracey and Guide Dog Oakley working a lock beam together in September 2014.Blindness is not blackness for me.

Seeing the world through vision loss.

Being registered Severely Vision Impaired (SVI) means that I am also dubbed ‘disabled’. I don’t see it this way though. I consider myself more ‘differently abled’ or ‘re-enabled’. Inspired rather than expired. 

I’ve learned to ‘see’ the world through other means than just my remaining tiny pinhole / tunnel of vision.

I am blessed by blindness. There is a bright light in my tunnel. I am happy, grateful and content.

In this ongoing blog, I hope you will find some enlightenment, blessings, education and inspiration. Through my ramblings, I hope to dispel some myths, provoke some thoughts and spread some cheer.

The blog will likely go off on several threads; some explanatory, some informative, some inspirational/spiritual, some observational, and some perhaps little more than my attempts to order my own thoughts and feelings. I hope it will be interactive in that readers will comment and ask questions. Above all, I hope that it is readable, at least vaguely entertaining, and helpful.